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FurBelles Ragdoll kittens come in many color varieties. These are some of the most common: 
  1. Seal Point Ragdoll – this pattern features dark brown or black “points” (on the face, ears, paws, and tail) which contrast sharply with a lighter-colored body.   
  2. Blue Point Ragdoll – this color scheme has blue or gray “points” instead of dark ones. 
  3. Mink Ragdoll / Seal Mink Ragdoll – this coveted pattern combines the darker seal points with a creamy brown “mink” coat, for a smooth, elegant appearance.  
  4. Tortie Point Ragdoll – this variegated pattern gives a charming mottled appearance, with splashes of color on the face and/or extremities.

Which coloring is best?  It’s up to you!

Do you prefer the striking contrasts of the seal point? The gentler tones of the blue point? Or the stylish, creamy complexion of the seal mink?  

Whatever your choice, these classic color patternscombined with their long, silky fur and gorgeous blue eyeswill make your FurBelles kitten instantly recognizable as a high-quality purebred Ragdoll.

CFA registration is available for select kittens for an additional fee. Registered kittens are sold under a spay/neuter contract with blue cards provided after proof of sterilization.

Most of our litters go unregistered, since so few adopters request it. We do not sell breeding rights without extensive screening.

Honestly, we’d rather not.  Shipping young kittens is costly and stressful (for us and the cat), and we really prefer to meet all adopters in person.

If you absolutely must have your kitten shipped to you, please contact us—we may be able to reach an agreement.

With only a few litters a year, our kittens tend to be reserved very quickly (sometimes even before they are born) and they are almost always spoken for prior to reaching adoption age.

The usual reservation deposit is $200, with the rest payable when you pick up your Fur Belle. For information on available kittens, please contact us at

Adoption Process
The FurBelles adoption process is not complicated, and we usually do not use a formal sales contract. 

Upon adopting your kitten, you will be provided with a receipt, a vaccination record, and a written health guarantee. 

Post-adoption, it is our privilege to provide you with lifetime cattery support. We’d love for you to keep in touch, and send of us pictures once in a while of your growing Fur Belle.

Fitting in with Other Pets
Will your new kitten get along with your dog? Absolutely!

Our kittens are extremely well-socialized, and adjust quickly to new environments and family members. They do great with children, dogs, other cats, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, turtles, parakeets, hamsters, iguanas (you get the idea).

Care and Feeding
Ragdoll cats are easy to look after.  They need food, water, a litter box, and of course, lots of snuggles! Our kittens are fed Purina kitten chow, and are always fully weaned and litter trained at the time of adoption.